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Ruby on rails implementation

TMWeb is an API. A cloud-based device integration platform for rapid deployment of sensor networks, remote monitoring solutions, and connected smart devices. It acts as an API for integration of Sensors and FeedMeters of Farms in large landscape.


  • Ruby on rails application development

  • 1.The farmer is leveraging shared infrastructure that reduces the not only the need for on-site storage of operational data on the farm, but also allows lots of analysis and other work to be done off-site as well. The cost and complexity of the actual widget that gets installed in the barn is significantly reduced

    2.The device manufacturer itself leverages shared infrastructure for the cloud portion of their overall solution in the form of TMWeb. So introducing a network means they were not only able to build a less complicated widget, but with TMWeb they were able to significantly reduce their own overhead and nearly eliminate their up-front R&D cost for the rest of the solution, too .

    3. TMWeb also leverages shared infrastructure in our own service delivery, which in turn allows us to deliver our services at lower cost.


  • Ruby on rails Solution

  • Update amazon cloud with values from sensors using amazon api. Provided a solution for editing the details using telemetry web and able to modify all the data using API.

Technologies used

Ruby on rails / JS / jQuery / Ajax

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  • ruby on rails frame work implementation

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