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Intranet Software Solution | Microsoft SharePoint Intranet

SharePoint Intranet Portal/Correspondence Management System

Dubai Chamber of Commerce required conversion of existing intranet software solution in SharePoint 2013 and .NET platform to SharePoint 2016 deployed on-premise for easier communication, collaboration and data centralization.

Creation of mobile application for employees to access intranet software in and out of network premises.

Neologix completed successful implementation of SharePoint intranet portal & employee mobile app for Dubai Chambers.

Correspondence Management Software

Correspondence Management Software

PSU needed an university-wide correspondence management system to cater to correspondence generated by the office, staff and students of the university. The system needed to register, manage and store all correspondence, track the status of correspondence and archive the completed correspondences.

Neologix implemented correspondence management software for facilitation, management, tracking and archival of correspondence between departments, staff and students of the university in a secure system of international standards.

SharePoint Intranet Portal/Correspondence Management System

SharePoint Intranet Portal/Correspondence Management System

Creation of intranet portal for AMF in SharePoint 2016 to host all department collaboration and communication space. In addition, integration of a correspondence management system to SharePoint for all inter-department communication and management of correspondence. Complex workflows and forms were developed using Nintex.

Asset Management System on SharePoint for Development Consultancy in Dubai

Asset Management System on SharePoint for Development Consultancy in Dubai

Neologix created an asset management system in SharePoint Online/Office 365 using SharePoint out of the box features, PowerApps, and modern experience in SharePoint document libraries and lists. As a result, the organization moved on to an efficient asset tracking system with centralized inventory and purchase processes whereas earlier the asset tracking was done on excel spreadsheets.

Request Management System for Sharjah Center for Documentation & Research

Request Management System for SCDR

The SCDR website is designed to act as a portal to share latest news, activities in SCDR, services, downloads, publications and details about related government websites; also admin features to manage documents, content, publications, templates, departments and media efficiently and effortlessly. The project entailed development of Request Management System in Arabic & development of responsive website in English and Arabic using SharePoint 2013 platform using UAE government guidelines for website development. The SCDR SharePoint portal is intended to increase productivity by changing the manual submission of applications such as article submission, CV submission to online. In future, the request management application will be extended to handle requests from other government organizations in Sharjah as well.

SharePoint Customization for Port Cost Management Services Company

SharePoint Customization for Port Cost Management Services Company

DA Desk–Compass is a Office 365 SharePoint site with customization specific to the client. The requirements were to put in additional plug-in and management of the site for specific purposes such as helping with project management of each department and summary view for the director to monitor tasks in an overall perspective. The site analytics was handled through third-party Google Analytics which needed to be integrated to the site.

SharePoint health assessment for Educational University

SharePoint health assessment for Educational University

The proven SharePoint health check methodology developed by Neologix helps our customers make the most of their investment in Microsoft SharePoint. The SharePoint team started with a study of the current situation and baseline existing technology infrastructure, assessed existing systems and functionalities for vulnerabilities, and identified the support requirements based on available documentation and client interviews. The SharePoint health check process consisted of following key elements:

Workplace management solution for 10,000+ manpowered conglomerate

Work place management-employes management solution

Neologix designed and developed a Workplace management solution for one of UAE's largest private healthcare provider, NMC Group. They are the first healthcare company from the GCC and the first from Abu Dhabi to be listed on the premium segment of London Stock Exchange. They are also part of FTSE-250 index.

The NMC Group has various business verticals in industries like Healthcare, Retail, Trading, Financial Services, Software and Logistics. They primarily operate across the UAE and have a manpower strength of over 10,000 people.

Implementation of retail solution for Nesto Groups

Retail industry solution

This project aimed at developing a new public website for Nesto Group by incorporating a Loyalty program to find the loyalty point rewards, earned, redeemed and the loyalty cardRegistration/activation, also other features like Contact Us, Privileges, Terms &Conditions, About us and FAQ. There was alsomodification in Nesto’s existing website to redirect to INAAM Rewards website, when user’s country is UAE. countries.

M-Commerce / Retail industry

M-Commerce in retail industry

The customer had already developed a custom e-commerce platform using which they were running their business We had two options ,

1.To completely revamp their existing systems and build both the e-commerce and m-commerce platforms

2.To develop and integrate an m-commerce application into the existing platform

We investigated on both the options and came to a conclusion that we go with the second option.The reason for the second option is.

Implementation of an e-commerce solution for a retail shop

E-Commerce Solution

The client is an automotive spare parts retailer from Japan. They boast of over 500 products in different categories. They have a physical store and cater to the customers in the city. With a population of about 50,000, the client not only has to stay top of mind but also battle various competitors.

To ensure that edge over other competitors, Neologix suggested an E-Commerce site that would enhance the sale and productivity of the client.

M-commerce solution for a leading e-commerce retailer

online grocery solution

Neologix designed and developed an M-Commerce app for a leading E-Commerce retailer In its 2 years of operations, is now the fastest growing online grocery store in Trivandrum, India with over 4000 customers.

To ensure a great shopping experience to its customers, wanted to extend its offerings via a mobile app so that it becomes easier for its customers to shop on the go. With its own own warehouse and delivery team and also tie-ups with small scale retailers within the city, has become an E-tailer force to reckon with.

Social media app to share shopping experience

social shopping app

Mobile social shopping app which highlights shopping trends in a variety of categories including but not limited to fashion, food, sports, travel, entertainment and technology.

Mashalot is the mobile shopping application. Users can snap a photo of an item they want to or have purchased, categorize it, give it some text and share instantly. The users can tag a photo with a label of their choice. They can even tag a user and post the photos which send a notification to those users, exactly like those features in the most trending social media these days. Significantly, hashtags possibility is one striking feature we have incorporated in the app.

Portal for ordering food items from multiple restaurants

web portal for multiple restaurant applications

Mammam portal provides users to search through their favourite restaurants and order their favourite dishes. User can customize their order according to their need. Mammam also provides facility to pre order food.Admin portal for Mammam manages all the functionality in the Public site and Mobile applications.

The Mammam portal helps the users to order their favourite food items from different restaurants. Mammam help the users to order food from different restaurants present at their delivery locations. They can also customize the items they have ordered according to their needs. They can also select the delivery location and delivery time using the Application.

Ruby on rails development and deployment platform for the cloud

 develop ruby on rails applications

TMWeb is an API. A cloud-based device integration platform for rapid deployment of sensor networks, remote monitoring solutions, and connected smart devices. It acts as an API for integration of Sensors and FeedMeters of Farms in large landscape.

Update amazon cloud with values from sensors using amazon api. Provided a solution for editing the details using telemetry web and able to modify all the data using API.

Capability & test procedures

Capability & test procedures

Software systems are an integral part of our life, starting from business applications to consumer products. Many of us have had an experience with software or applications or site that did not work as expected. All those that do not work correctly can lead to many problems, including loss of money, time and business reputation. A man can make an error which produces a defect in the program code. If a defect in code is executed, the system or application may fail to do what it should do or do something it should not resulting a failure.

With the help of testing, it is possible to measure the quality of software in terms of defects found, for both functional and non-functional software requirements and characteristics (e.g., reliability, usability, efficiency, maintainability and portability).Testing analyze a program with the intent of finding problems and errors that measures system functionality and quality. Effective testing helps to deliver quality software products that satisfy user's requirements needs and expectations.

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