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Web design Dubai
Web design Dubai
Web design Dubai
Web design Dubai
Web design Dubai
Sharjah police
Web design Dubai
Web design Dubai
Web design Dubai
Web design Dubai
Web design Dubai
Web design Dubai
Web Design Dubai
Web design Dubai
Web design Dubai
Dubai web design
Dubai web design
Dubai web design
Dubai web design
Dubai web design
Dubai web design
Dubai web design
Dubai web design
Dubai web design
Dubai web design

The mobile application for SEWA helps the consumers and public for getting the most updated and easiest communication directly to their palm top, i.e. to their mobile devices.

This web-based Android / iPhone / iPad application will be benefited to the consumers and public to get Bill Enquires, find out the nearest payment locations, nearest site offices, view regular push notification messages from SEWA, view payment/ bill history, view consumer profile details such as consumer numbers, mobile and email, quick Fault reporting system for noticing the issues related to service any time - anywhere

SEWA Meter Reading App

The tablet application will be benefited to the meter readers to get Consumer Meter Readings, Consumer Information, Flagged Reading Validations, check consumer visit status, and to view and save information on consumer’s meter reconnections and disconnections.

The application is supposed to work offline mainly. So the required data can be synchronized with the SEWA servers when the device is in range with the SEWA Internet connection. With the help of back end admin tool SEWA could effectively manage all the relevant information and services for this app. This app is developed to work in Android platform.

SEWA Scholarship Application

Through this web application, the student shall apply for the scholarship and have the admission certificate. Application for scholarship shall be approved by the Scholarship Committee (backend). Submission of scholarship documents shall be transferred to higher officials for approval There is a communication system for the students to receive the push notifications.

Al Nasr Construction Company
    • Simple and easy to use fully functional CMS.
    • Division wise project arrangement which makes the user search for appropriate projects of Al Nasr with ease.
    • News and Events scroll with updated news information from the company and attractive photo gallery tempts the user look for more and more project images.
    • Project Location map facility to locate the projects division wise and location wise very easily.
    • An internal mailing system (webmail) integrated in the website enables the user to check and send mails within the company.
    • Innovative design for website and Provision to send business inquiries, feedbacks, etc.
The global Champions Tour

A complete customized web solution – multilingual content management, an automated system for Live Telecasting and live scores / results and video archiving.

The Global Champions Tour is the world’s premiere show jumping tour, comparable to the PGA Golf Tour, F1 Racing or ATP Tennis series. Started in 2006 by Dutchman Jan Tops, this tour is broadcast by Eurosport to 59 countries. We have provided a complete customized web solution – multilingual content management, an automated system for Live Telecasting and live scores / results and video archiving.

RHD Japan

RHDJapan is an international organization that specializes in providing Japanese domestic brand racing equipment and domestic OEM parts to the world via LCL and FCL shipping as well as various air express mail providers.

The RHDJapan team has built a solid track record and reputation for providing these services effectively and efficiently. Regardless of the size of your project, company or budget, we are committed to achieving your complete satisfaction. When you want to import domestic Japanese parts for your operation, RHDJapan is de�nitely the partner of choice!


Terradotta software provides a way to apply for various programs through online. It is used to create and maintain all website content through a WYSIWYG web editor. Deploy photo journals, photo contests, online videos, and more. Allow applicants to schedule appointments online. Maintain email and application activity history logs. Manage all program information. Create complex, shareable reports and queries.


CribFrog is a social networking site which allows you to be connected with your neighbors in your own community. It is defined to implement in US. Users can connect their own community in CribFrog, which will be for their building. People in same building can join the community so that they can be connected via CribFrog. It has similar features of Facebook. Facebook connect, Google map API, Twilio SMS service are used for its functioning.


The website helps the jobseekers to search for suitable jobs; also the site will suggest suitable jobs for the jobseekers. The site enables a Facebook connectivity which provides the feeds regarding CareerMatch connections in the website activity stream.

The website also provides a Career and Personality Assessment report for jobseekers to make them aware of where they stand. The Employers can register to create a personal profile and a profile for their company, search for CVs from jobseekers. The site has a blog where the articles from jobseekers and employers can be found and read. There will be a live chat feature for assistance of the website users.


Kada.in is a young and vibrant company that aims to provide range of products that touches every segment of your life which includes groceries, health and beauty supplies, gift items and several food and non food products.

  • Features:

    • Huge selection of products.
    • Best online shopping experience.
    • On-time delivery of products.
    • Quick resolution of any concerns.

HypeSpark is a social endorsement platform that encourages users to partner with brands. Brands offer deals that HypeSpark users can endorse to earn free reward from the brand. A normal user can select a deal and by sharing it they can earn rewards, on other side HypeSpark can be used to grow the company for investors.

If you want to get your own endorsement deal with Nike you can do it with a couple of clicks on HypeSpark. Once you have spread the word to a certain amount of your friends, family, and co-workers via an unobtrusive message we add to the same links you share every day on your social network profiles you will be rewarded with free crap.


OcPortal is the CMS that fully integrates so many features with advanced content, community, interactive and dynamic features. It is fully flexible to include advanced media with this.

ocPortal is the only open source CMS that fully integrates so many features in such a cohesive and professional way. Many of the features you would expect from dynamic websites come included as standard with ocPortal, as opposed to cobbling together third party additions. This means everything works correctly out of the box.

The Ambrosia – mobile App

Ambrosia Mobile application which is developed for the famous restaurant group in india.This is the newest and most tech savvy way to advertise your business.One of these ways is by using mobile apps,Neologix develops exceptional mobile apps for the restaurant industry, these apps allow you to easily order food or browse the menu without having to go there personally.

One of the best things about implementing a mobile app for your restaurant is you now have downloaded your business into your customer's pocket. You can send unlimited push notifications to share enticing offers, send coupons or just keep customers up to date on what is going on with your restaurant.

Tandoor Of India

This is a food ordering application for Tandoor of India restaurant. The app lists the available food categories and corresponding food items in the restaurant. User can add the food items to shopping cart and order the item.

Tandoor of India is a food ordering application for the restaurant of same name. The app lists the available food categories within the restaurant. On selecting a food category, user can navigate to corresponding food items. The user can view details of a particular food item.

Ambrosia – Tablet Solution

Ambrosia ebiztro Tablet application is a compreshensive restaurant application. A cloud based solution that enables the restaurant owner to manage the resturant in a risk free way and reducing the running expense by reducing number of waiters and other managing expenses. It simlifies restaurant running task and help you brand your restaurant using our mobile cataloguing and ordering solution and Digital branding solutions.

This software is not the first one of this kind but we have added new features, which makes it different from all other products. This is a simple product that works using a cloud server, all you need isa Wi-Fi internet connection, a desktop and tablet pc.

Britains Finest

This is an online application that helps the users to search for hotels, inns, accommodations, etc. in Britain.

The Britain’s Finest app includes over 4,500 entries and 10,000 photos, focusing on the leading Luxury Hotels, Small Hotels Inns, Bed and Breakfasts, Self Catering Properties, Attractions and Activities, Museums and Art Galleries, Historic Houses, Gardens, Spas, Golf Courses and Restaurants and Gastro Pubs.

  • Features:

    • The application enables the users to view the list of accommodations, hotels and Inns.
    • It helps the user to search and see the list of places to visit.
    • Different restaurant’s info is available through this app.
    • Various search options.
Care Home

The users can search for care homes, nursing homes, hospitals, hospices, local authorities, care associations, care suppliers on the leading UK Care Homes app.

The Care Homes app includes over 25,000 entries and 5,000 photos, focusing on all UK registered care homes and nursing homes, hospitals, hospices, local authorities and the major care associations and suppliers. The users can search for care homes, nursing homes, hospitals, hospices, local authorities, care associations, care suppliers on the leading UK Care Homes app.

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