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SharePoint Intranet Portal

SharePoint Intranet Portal

Enable your employees to create, share, communicate and collaborate better with a SharePoint intranet

Microsoft SharePoint Intranet Solutions

Microsoft SharePoint is a world-class enterprise portal platform that can be configured to run intranet portals. An intranet portal solution is a restricted computer network that helps connect individuals within the organization, drives employee engagement, and provides access to business critical information at all times. The main reason for your company to use Microsoft SharePoint for building a corporate intranet portal is the wide range of leading productivity tools available to employees in a cohesive digital workplace.

Microsoft SharePoint plays a dominant role in the collaboration and document management requirements of some of the world’s largest businesses. Many employees use it as their intranet and document sharing experience. SharePoint has powerful capabilities with built-in document management features and hence, setting up document management system in SharePoint can be a good solution for medium to large-scale enterprises in UAE, specifically Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Sharjah that are already in a Microsoft-oriented ecosystem or want to shift to a DMS software. Since so many SharePoint users are Microsoft Office customers, the platform can be adapted to handle multiple businesses.

Benefits of SharePoint Intranet Portal Solution

A SharePoint intranet portal has always been designed to be the central portal location that all employees of an organization can turn to when they need to find the information that allows them to do their job efficiently. There are numerous benefits of building a corporate intranet portal or an employee self-service portal on Microsoft SharePoint for forward thinking organizations looking to engage next-generation technology. Implementation of a social enterprise network can vastly improve company communications by improving internal communication and collaboration among co-workers.

  • bullet-pointImprove Productivity: Provide an integrated platform of management tools and distribute access to wide range of information and resources from a centralized location. Effectively streamline and automate operations and processes. Advanced analytics to drive intelligence and decision making.
  • bullet-pointCorporate Communications: An intranet software solution is an employee network which can help enhance internal communication and spurs collaboration across all levels and teams by providing the right communication tools to engage, inform and integrate your employees.
  • bullet-pointDocument Management: Intranet document management can help managing and storing multiple document versions and makes it easy for employees to search for and access documents. Team members can actively collaborate on the same document and improve on it with knowledge and idea sharing.
  • bullet-pointKnowledge Management: Capture, organize and retrieve all knowledge created in an organization. Blogs, discussions, wikis and documents help capture knowledge which can be organized in groups and folders. Features like instant search make information available to your employees on their fingertips.

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SharePoint Intranet Portal Features

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Top Intranet Portal Solution Provider

We have an expert team of SharePoint website developers Dubai working with clients just like you, to design a corporate intranet portal specific to your business in Dubai, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi or anywhere in UAE. Neologix is the leading SharePoint development company in UAE that allows you to envision a corporate intranet design rich in features and functionality that lets your employees to connect, collaborate and function better. Our SharePoint intranet experts can provide you with guidance and assistance in implementing an employee intranet portal into your existing framework. Most organizations have been able to improve collaboration and streamline processes and workflows within their organization effectively and efficiently once a SharePoint intranet software is in place.

Need help in deciding the set of intranet capabilities to unleash the employee potential of your company? We'd love to hear from you.

A SharePoint platform can cover all the typical intranet needs of your organization

Our Featured SharePoint Projects

  • Sharepoint application development

    DA-Desk handles port cost management services from port call creation to voyage closing and ensures accuracy and efficiency, cost control, scale benefits, and regulatory compliance for some of the world’s leading shipping organizations.
    Neologix offered specific customization to this Office 365 SharePoint website to assist project management and task monitoring, integration of Kanban app and Google Analytics and autoupload of Excel files from FTP to SharePoint.

    SharePoint Development Services
  • SharePoint application development Khalifa University

    Khalifa university of Science, Technology and Research, Abu-Dhabi require a one-year support for their existing SharePoint portal made in SharePoint 2013. SharePoint support includes:

    • 1. Portal Maintenance & Support
    • 2. Support on technical Issues
    • 3. Future versions/ patch upgrades necessary for OS
    • 4. Proactive Analysis needed to be conducted and provide Reports
    SharePoint application development
  • SharePoint application developmentSharjah Center For Documentation & Research

    A prestigious initiative of the Sharjah Government to ensure preservation and archiving of the rich cultural history of UAE and Sharjah in specific.
    The SCDR website acts as a portal to share latest news, activities in SCDR, services, publications, downloads and details about related government websites. Developed by leveraging the power of SharePoint technology with admin features to manage documents, content, publications, templates, departments and media efficiently and effortlessly.

    SharePoint application development
  • SharePoint application developmentArab Monetary Fund

    Creation of intranet portal for AMF in SharePoint 2016 to host all department collaboration and communication space. In addition, integration of a correspondence management system to SharePoint for all inter-department communication and management of correspondence. Complex workflows and forms were developed using Nintex. View case study

    SharePoint application development
  • SharePoint application developmentARK DMCC

    ARK is a research, conflict transformation and stabilisation consultancy headquartered in Dubai. Neologix created an asset management system in SharePoint Online/Office 365 using SharePoint out of the box features, PowerApps, new document library and list experience. As a result, the organization moved on to an efficient asset tracking system with centralized inventory and purchase processes whereas earlier the asset tracking was done on excel spreadsheets.

    SharePoint application development

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