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SharePoint Consulting Services

Unify your team, enhance collaboration and communications, multiply efficiencies. We help people and organizations work better together with our SharePoint expertise.

SharePoint Intranet Portal

SharePoint Intranet Portal

For organizations with a large number of employees, SharePoint intranet development is the best solution for enhanced information flow and communication between employees & teams. More than 200k organizations have their intranet built on SharePoint. Why not help your business work smarter with SharePoint intranet?

Internet or Extranet Websites

Internet or Extranet Websites

Your website should represent your brand with fast modern user experiences to make your users feel at home. Add to this the need for extensive tools and functionalities. SharePoint development lets you achieve a pixel-perfect website design with high functionality and usability.

Content Management System

Content Management System

A highly capable web CMS such as SharePoint makes it easy for you to create and publish content on intranet, extranet or internet websites in a timely manner with familiar tools. The managed metadata service allows for consistent page layouts and navigation making it easy for content authors to manage data and considerably reduces the management cost for your website.

Customer Relationship Management

Customer Relationship Management

We can build you a brilliant CRM that is versatile enough to handle the diverse needs of your business. With SharePoint CRM you get a flexible and powerful CRM with features and functionalities such as account & contact management, lead & opportunity tracking, customizable dashboards, charts & graphs, advanced search, and much more.

Project Management

Project Management

We harness the powerful capabilities of SharePoint for effective project, programme & portfolio management of any size and type. Plan, prioritize, and manage your projects from anywhere and on any device. Easily assign tasks to people in your organization. Store and manage project-related documentation. Benefits such as complex reporting capabilities, live access to team members, project status reports, document management etc.

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Microsoft SharePoint Consulting Services

Located in Sharjah, Neologix is UAE's leading SharePoint specialist providing SharePoint consulting services in all the 7 Emirates: Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Dubai, Ras al-Khaimah, Fujairah, Al Ain, Ajman and neighboring Gulf countries offering a variety of SharePoint development services to organizations both in the public and private sector. Neologix has over a decade of experience as a Microsoft SharePoint designer, and our SharePoint team is well equipped to handle all aspects of SharePoint development and SharePoint Migration, from development and implementation to personalization & training.

Custom SharePoint Development

Our SharePoint Development Services cover various implementation phases to include building SharePoint intranet portals, workflow development and document management systems, etc. We specialize in custom SharePoint development and in making exceptional SharePoint intranet solutions that have unique and innovative functionalities, sleekly styled experiences that helps to boost employee engagement, improves processes and drives collaboration.

SharePoint Portal Development

For enterprises with a large number of employees, Microsoft SharePoint portal development is the best solution to enhance communication and information flow across employees acting as an internal social network.

The reason why SharePoint portal is so popular is that it acts as a cornerstone of a company's applications infrastructure & also as a central web portal for all business functions.Read More

SharePoint Upgrade & Migration Services

When you’re replacing or upgrading your content management solution, corporate intranet or portal website, your success depends on a smooth migration of data from the legacy platform. Our SharePoint experts can extract your legacy data and ensure a successful transition to your new platform by working with you closely to determine your exact needs.

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Enterprise Level SharePoint Services

SharePoint Application DevelopmentCustom SharePoint DevelopmentSharePoint Intranet Development
SharePoint Document ManagementSharePoint ProgrammingSharePoint Portal Implementation
SharePoint Enterprise Content ManagementWorkflow & Collaboration SolutionsSharePoint Outsourcing
SharePoint IntegrationSharePoint Migration ServicesSharePoint Support

Neologix delivers industry leading SharePoint development, migration, support and consulting services in Dubai, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi and rest of UAE. We work with you closely to develop an implementation plan specific to the individual needs of your business. We are dedicated to helping you enhance communication and collaboration, improve workflow as well as architect an approach to develop solutions that meet the collaborative needs of your organization. Please get in touch with our SharePoint experts for more information.

Our Featured SharePoint Projects

  • Sharepoint application development

    DA-Desk handles port cost management services from port call creation to voyage closing and ensures accuracy and efficiency, cost control, scale benefits, and regulatory compliance for some of the world’s leading shipping organizations.
    Neologix offered specific customization to this Office 365 SharePoint website to assist project management and task monitoring, integration of Kanban app and Google Analytics and autoupload of Excel files from FTP to SharePoint.

  • SharePoint application development Khalifa University

    Khalifa university of Science, Technology and Research, Abu-Dhabi require a one-year support for their existing SharePoint portal made in SharePoint 2013. SharePoint support includes:

    • 1. Portal Maintenance & Support
    • 2. Support on technical Issues
    • 3. Future versions/ patch upgrades necessary for OS
    • 4. Proactive Analysis needed to be conducted and provide Reports
    SharePoint application development
  • SharePoint application developmentSharjah Center For Documentation & Research

    A prestigious initiative of the Sharjah Government to ensure preservation and archiving of the rich cultural history of UAE and Sharjah in specific.
    The SCDR website acts as a portal to share latest news, activities in SCDR, services, publications, downloads and details about related government websites. Developed by leveraging the power of SharePoint technology with admin features to manage documents, content, publications, templates, departments and media efficiently and effortlessly.

    SharePoint application development

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