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Intranet Portal Software

Get your company a high-performing digital workspace to let your employees connect, engage and work productively.

A dedicated employee intranet portal software provides the perfect platform to reignite your company's internal brand presence and helps to connect disparate employees back into the organization. Neologix is a leading Dubai and Sharjah based SharePoint Consulting and Intranet Portal Development company that develops next-generation intranet portal software for better employee connection and internal communications. For companies looking at effective internal communication and employee management via the intranet portal, our corporate intranet portal software provide the employees with a user-friendly environment where they can view company updates, news, announcements, discussion forums, etc. It creates the perfect social digital workplace solution to completely revolutionize employee collaboration, communication, business development and innovation.

Intranet Portal Software Features

Bringing People Together

Increase collaboration, improve communication and make information easy to find and share.

Business Needs Addressed with Intranet Portal Software:

  • bullet-pointA common internal platform that enables effective communication and collaboration between the employees in the company across locations.
  • bullet-pointManage HR and employee related requirements effectively, be it training requirements and schedules, loans, leaves, appraisal processes, salary certificate, or internal job applications.
  • bullet-pointProvide sections for managing each kind of activity, e.g., HR activities, employee engagement events, corporate messages, etc., separately.
  • bullet-pointNotify employees on any updates in the portal ensuring that all remain connected and information passed on is known to all.
  • bullet-pointProvide a collaboration platform that can be utilized as a driver for enhancing company productivity and efficiency.


Employee Engagement

Employee Engagement

A positive work environment encourages better teamwork and productivity. Increase employee engagement by sharing company news, blogs, announcements, events calendar, newsletters and videos. Create a social hub for corporate social networking.

Corporate Communications

Work Flow Automation

Get work done faster with task assignment and notification. Build online custom forms which can be completed and submitted online. No need for endless request memos. Eliminate routine paperwork. Fast and efficient management of all types of internal requests.

Document Management

Improve Productivity

A great intranet portal software lets your employees perform tasks faster and accurately by allowing to focus on important tasks and cutting down redundancy. Make information easily available for all users by creating a central repository of information.

Knowledge Management

Resource Management

Employees can access HR-related and other workplace related information. Employee related requests, activities, and forms like leave application, appraisal, salary certificate, loans, inter-departmental resource transfer can all be transacted via the portal.

Document Management

Recognitions and Rewards

Boost employee morale and drive to achieve more. A wonderful platform to recognize people for their achievements – be it a commendation for performance, a good word from the customer or an award for employee of the month.

Knowledge Management

Chat and Notifications

Instant chat facility enables better communication between team members and departments. Optional email alert for users about resource updates, group activity, corporate news and events. Keep users informed without needing to write emails.

Intranet Portal Software enables the entire team to engage, interact, share and work collaboratively

Top Intranet Portal Solution Provider

Neologix is a leading intranet portal development company based in Sharjah and Dubai UAE that allows you to envision a corporate intranet design rich in features and functionality to induce effective internal communication and improve employee engagement with the company. The portal is designed to give employees a user-friendly environment to view the latest news updates, newsletters, corporate activities, announcements, and message from the management, and also provides a podium to start discussion boards, pass information, enabling employees to connect, collaborate and function better. Our expert team of intranet portal developers work with clients just like you to design a corporate intranet portal specific to your business in Sharjah, Dubai, Abu Dhabi or anywhere in UAE. Our intranet experts can provide you with guidance and assistance in implementing an employee intranet portal software into your existing framework. Most businesses have been able to improve collaboration and streamline processes and workflows within their organization effectively and efficiently once an employee intranet portal software is in place.

Need help in deciding the set of intranet capabilities to improve collaboration and communication in your company? Contact us to know more about our intranet portal development services.

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Intranet Portal Case Study

  • SharePoint application developmentArab Monetary Fund

    Creation of intranet portal and integration of a correspondence management system in SharePoint 2016 for AMF to host all department collaboration, inter-department communication, and management of correspondence. Manual, document based correspondence, administrative and financial processes of the organization were standardized in order to streamline workflows, reduce errors, and improve overall efficiency.

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