How Cross-platform tools make it easier to develop for both iOS and android

How Cross-platform tools make it easier to develop for both iOS and androidThe mobile apps using Cross platform tools are not always fascinating. They do not give attention to what the apps can access and what they look like. In spite of considering all these things, we must accept that the advantages of cross platform apps might make them a coercive proffer. Different cross platform tools have different features: some focus on gaming, some on data security for business purposes, and others specialize in letting you use whatever programming language you like. Some of the common cross platform tools that are used to develop android and iOS apps are, Continue reading

Neologix participates in the biggest enterprise mobility event GEMEC 2015

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Neologix Software Solutions recently participated in the Gulf Enterprise Mobility Exhibition & Conference (GEMEC), held in Dubai on 26th – 28th April 2015.

Enterprise Mobility is easily the emerging frontrunner in technology and in saying so, GEMEC is the biggest Enterprise Mobility event in the Middle East. Senior representatives from across the industry come together with their mobility solutions and requirements, enabling a new wave of business solutions. Continue reading

How mobile application development can improve sales?

<img src="app.gif" alt="App sales"The demand for mobile applications is on the rise ever since the smartphone was introduced in the market. Research indicates that custom applications tailored to employee roles will increase sales and productivity of a business.

A well-designed app with appealing features is sure to make users download the app. The mobile app developed for a business should be attractive and user-friendly. Retailers across the world are already making use of mobile apps to increase their sales. Continue reading

How to create a Mobile presence for your Business

<img src="mobile.gif" alt=" Mobile presence ">
If you happen to run a business, make sure you create a strong mobile presence for your business. During the days of the Dotcom boom, businesses quickly established a web presence. However, today it is unimaginable to run a business without having a mobile presence. Mobility can greatly increase sales for your business. Both mobile websites and mobile apps are good options for establishing a mobile presence. Continue reading

How to market your mobile app

<img src="mobileapp.gif" alt=" Mobileapp marketing ">The App stores are overflowing with apps of all kinds. To be precise, the App Store has over 1.4 million apps while Google Play has over 1 million apps.

As the global popularity of mobile devices is growing, the competition among mobile app developers is also increasing. Having a great app idea is only half the battle won as knowing to market your mobile app is also very important. One needs to make sure to not only focus on downloads, but also on conversion of downloads. Continue reading

How to monetize your mobile app?

<img src="mobileapp.gif" alt=" Mobileapp monetizing">Monetizing mobile apps is as important as popularizing the same. However, monetizing a mobile app is not an easy task.

Monetization of apps involves lot of effort, huge amount of time & substantial financial resources. It is a difficult task to convince users to pay for download of a mobile app as most of them are accustomed to download free apps only. However, monetization is inevitable for app developers, who want their mobile app to be a revenue generating business. The truth is that you will have to find new & innovative ways of monetizing mobile app even before launch of the mobile apps development project. Continue reading

iPhone Application Development and Outsourcing

<img src="iPhone.gif" alt="iPhone outsourcing">iPhone has changed the entire dynamics of the mobile phone industry. The innovative combination of features and aesthetics in an iPhone, makes it the first choice of smartphone users around the world.

Because of this enormous popularity, businesses are now investing even more in iPhone apps development projects. It has become extremely easy to promote products, services or business through iPhone apps. Continue reading

iPhone Game development

<img src="iPhone.gif" alt="iPhone gamedevelopment">Gaming apps are the most popular type of apps in the App Store. Of the thousands of iPhone gaming apps being developed, only few achieve success. So, what makes a gaming app successful ?

The technology for video games has changed a lot with the advent of iPhone Games. The iPhone is superior in graphics and performance & can showcase high performance games. Due to the increasing popularity of iPhone, iPod & iPad devices, iOS games are getting more attention from Game lovers. With proper guidance and information about the target audience, a developer can easily start making iOS games . Continue reading

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