Got an idea but wondering when & how to start ?

<img src="bestapp.gif" alt=" Best mobile app">Is having the best mobile app idea enough to help a business? The answer is no! Anyone can have a mobile app idea. What is important is to figure out exactly what to do with it and how to take it forward.

In order to build a mobile apps, you must have a clear monetization strategy. Then, clearly pen down your app idea. Create a detailed, screen-by-screen wireframe of your app. This is to ensure you do not miss out on a single element while building your mobile app. The next step is important if you do not know anything about programming. In that case, you need to hire an app developer.

So, how do you go about it? Look for a mobile app development company that can design and develop the apps and provide long term maintenance services as well. However, finding an app developer is not an easy thing.

If you are lucky in getting an app developer, ensure that the app developer has at least 1 app live in Google Play or Apps store. Look at the apps the developer has already developed. Do they have the look and feel you want? If all goes well and as per plan, the app development project is a success. If you are not successful, you might join the group of people who had great app ideas, but who paid to actually train an app developer.

Next important thing is to get to the market fast with a prototype. Do not develop the full-version of the app with all the features. Create the first instance of your product by keeping costs low. Let the product reach the hands of your customer. Fast. Once you see a demand for your product and see traction, you can then move to the next level. However, you need to market your app to get visibility.

We at Neologix are here to help! We are a Startup Technology partner & we specialize in Mobile apps development. If you come with an idea, we can build Minimum Viable Product (MVP) for you in 6 weeks.

The best form of publicity for a mobile apps is third-party endorsement. Reviews from bloggers, online PR and Word of mouth marketing can do wonders to your mobile apps. It is important to sustain these if you begin to see traction.

Always keep any eye on what people are saying in the review websites as well as Social media. Respond to negative reviews & acknowledge that user’s opinion is valuable for you to improve your mobile apps. Offer a deal or at least make them believe that their feedback is important & maintain your online reputation by reversing the negative reviews.

Apps are like releasing a hit music single. You never know which single will make it for you. Successful people make wrong decisions all the time but they also get back up with fresh learning from their failures and try something else. So give each app space for 4-6 months to grow & if you do not see any progress move to your next app idea.

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