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Top Document Management Pain Points for Enterprises

Document management

Document Management Challenges for Enterprises


A document management system is a solution that helps solve the problems of businesses relying heavily on paper processes by providing a safe, central repository for all their valuable information. However, there are a few often-overlooked challenges with maintaining a typical document management system. Many enterprises fail to approach document management in a methodical and organized manner since it poses so many challenges. Some of the major challenges are listed below.

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Best Document Management Software | How to choose the Right DMS?

Looking for the Best Document Management Software?


For a companybest document management software looking to maximize workflow and collaboration by centralizing all business information on a digital platform, implementing a document management software solution is the best step to take. It is also important that you find the right platform to manage your digital documents. You may often see references to document management software, document management systems, and document management solutions. Despite the different names that may appear confusing, they all perform the same tasks. Here we discuss how to find and implement a document management system that matches your organizational needs and delivers the best results:

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Benefits of Using a Document Management System

What is a Document Management System?

Benefits of using document management systemA document management system makes it quick and simple for your organisation to access critical information via a single point of access. As the number of documents continues to increase, a document management system unifies electronic and paper files, allowing your organisation to modernize, keep records secure and experience higher levels of efficiency. By electronically managing the creation, storage and controlling of documents, organisations can become better equipped to collaborate,  manage and distribute information.


Benefits of a Document Management Software:

If your business lacks an electronic document management to manage information, it is missing out on the following benefits:

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Enterprise Content Management with SharePoint

Enterprise content managementSharePoint for Enterprise Content Management

Microsoft SharePoint is one of the leading enterprise content management (ECM) platforms on the market and a popular choice among enterprises. Many clients are looking to replace their legacy ECM business solutions with the SharePoint platform. ECM features within SharePoint integrates the management capabilities of SharePoint with the familiar tools of the Microsoft Office system. This helps enterprises capture documents digitally, store documents in a digital repository, retrieve documents, regardless of device or location, automate document-driven processes, secure documents, reduces organizational risk and improves business efficiency by letting users keep track of their documents and files, media, etc. from any location. ECM software can be helpful for enterprises in areas such as contracts management, correspondence tracking, document management, human resources automation etc.

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Why Build Document Management System on SharePoint?

Document-management-systemThe SharePoint document management system integrates familiar tools and collaboration features of the Microsoft Office system helping employees in your organization to efficiently share and collaborate, store and archive documents, and also eliminate outdated records.

Benefits of SharePoint Document Management System


An effective Document Management System in SharePoint lets you stack and organize different kinds of business documents, including invoices, receipts, purchase orders, estimates, etc. of various departments. The file formats supported include all the popular ones like spreadsheets, PowerPoint presentations, PDF files and so on.  Here we have listed some benefits of a robust online Document Management System:-

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What is Enterprise Content Management?

What is meant by Enterprise Content Management?

Enterprise content managementEnterprise Content Management (ECM) can be defined as a strategy to handle information within an organization based on in-depth analysis of its business processes and the content generated. Terminologies such as digital asset management, enterprise document management, integrated document and content management etc. are used interchangeably with enterprise content management to denote technologies, tools and methods used to capture, manage, store, preserve and deliver content across an organization. Continue reading

How can SharePoint increase productivity for my organization?

Meet SharePoint – The productivity workhorse for your organization


Microsoft SharePoint is built to increase productivity and improve collaboration throughout your organization. SharePoint simplifies everyday business activities by enabling content sharing and collaboration, intranet and extranet portals, improved business intelligence solutions and advanced search functionality, thereby, ensuring increased overall productivity across the workforce. The SharePoint platform is a valuable addition to any business environment since it encourages individuals and organizations to discover, share and collaborate smarter across multiple devices and dramatically increase the overall productivity of your workforce.

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Why Your Company Needs a Good Correspondence Tracking System?


What is Correspondence Tracking System?



correspondance tracking systemCorrespondence tracking system manages all incoming and outgoing correspondences relating to a whole organization or tracks correspondence for specific projects. Official business correspondences originating from different sources and in different forms are captured and converted into electronic documents or files, which are then routed to relevant users based on their access rights and roles. The ability to effectively capture, track and manage various types of enterprise correspondence drives efficiency of the workforce via increased productivity, flexibility and adaptability. As a result, many processes that rely on physical paper-based methods of communication are turning obsolete and more companies are moving on to electronic methods of correspondence tracking and management. Continue reading

Benefits of SharePoint Intranet for Your Organization

SharePoint intranet has truly revolutionized the way companies use intranet and extract value from it. Deploying a SharePoint intranet makes it easier for employees to work together as a team while encouraging employee engagement.


What is Intranet?


Benefits of SharePoint Intranet for Your OrganizationThe intranet can be considered as an epicenter of an organization – the place where employees can search for people and content, receive business information and company news with a personalized experience on the desktop to a mobile phone. An intranet can boost productivity through effective team collaboration and information sharing for any organization. Typically, intranet allows a business to store its database that employees can access. It also lets employees share calendars, files and documents with each other as well as vendors and business partners. It includes helpful features such as: CMS, search, employee directory, news, team collaboration spaces, personalization, wikis, news and blogs.

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