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eCommerce Website Design Ideas For Building Your Online Store In Dubai

ecommerce-website-design-ideasIf you’re a new-age entrepreneur and want to set up an internet based e-commerce store to sell goods in Dubai, then this is the right time to consider some ecommerce web  design ideas for building your online store. Here are a few essential ideas from the team at Neologix which is an ecommerce website development Dubai company offering professional web services to clients across the UAE.

eCommerce Website Design Trending in Dubai

Dubai is growing faster than you can imagine. A survey by reports the the highest number of online shoppers in the UAE are from Dubai, which is a whopping 46%. The region that was surrounded by desert a few decades back has now become one of the tropical international business destinations. And the reason behind this shift is the changing preferences of residents as well as business owners. While finalizing your e-commerce website design, here are a essential ideas from the team at Neologix which is an ecommerce website development Dubai company offering professional web services to clients across the UAE. Continue reading

Small Business Website Design for E-commerce Startups | Things to Consider

Small-business-website-design-for-e-commerceIn 2017, e-commerce retail sales will have touched $1.915 trillion worldwide. With such a booming market it is expected that there will be many suppliers waiting to grab your customer’s attention. How can you make a distinctive name for your e-commerce store in Dubai which is such a competitive environment? What will it take to induce engagement with prospects and turn them to sales conversion?

Effective Small Business Website Design Ideas

The answer lies in having a successful e-commerce website design executed for your online store. For a small business website design and development to produce business results, you should be knowing your business and your customers well.

If you’re thinking of starting an ecommerce store and wish to create a website for your startup business, then read the following sections to know about some common things you must consider before getting engaged into designing phase: Continue reading

Benefits of Using Open Source Software in E-commerce

What does Open Source Mean?

Ecommerce bannerOf the many good things in life, some things are for the larger good of the community. Open source software is a part of this initiative.

Developers choose to make the source code of their software publicly accessible by publishing it without charging a license fee. Other developers are free to pick this up for their own use and work on improvements and fixes. The end result is a product of superior quality which is being constantly modified and enhanced by users to weed out bugs and resolve glitches in real time. This brings it at par with any proprietary software out in the market and gives the vital option for companies to save billions of dollars. Continue reading

How to Build a Cost-Effective E-Commerce Website for Your Business

E-Commerce Website Let us evaluate a situation such as this. You have a profitable high volume retail business and you want to expand your services online.  It could also be that you are a novice thinking of starting to sell online.  “Why not start an online e-commerce store?” you ask yourself.

“But how do I go about it?  How difficult is it to set up an e-commerce website and how can I do it without spending a fortune?”

Let me cut straight to the chase and tell you about it. Continue reading

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