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Why Do Companies Need Intranet?

What is the Importance of Intranets?


Create a successful intranetAn intranet is the hub of collaboration in many large organizations. It enables internal communication and collaboration across locations and time zones and hence it is one of the most important reasons for boosting productivity and driving employee engagement in any organization. An intranet software would allow you to communicate information, resources or news to your employees faster, as well as allows your employees to collaborate and communicate with each other. Your employees can engage with and access these resources on a whole new level that is simply not possible with email alone. With intelligent intranet tools, it is possible to track engagement to see how employees are engaging with your intranet.

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Resolve Your Company’s Correspondence Management Problems

Business Needs Addressed by Correspondence Management Solution

Correspondence Management Solution

A correspondence management solution automates and facilitates incoming and outgoing correspondence movement electronically. It provides the central repository that stores all paperwork in both electronic and physical formats, and provides a flexible method of creating, managing and moving electronic correspondence among the organization’s various departments.  As a result, all official communications reach the right people in a timely, accurate, convenient, relevant and secure manner. This helps your business to minimize risk and cost associated with document assembly and delivery by a process that is streamlined for ease, speed, and productivity.

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How Correspondence Management Software Streamlines Business Communications Better

The Need for Correspondence Management Software


Correspondence management

Correspondence management is a company’s process of systematic filing, storage, retrieval, dispatch, receipt, and disposition of internal or external communication records. Business correspondence may take multiple formats such as emails, electronic documents, fax, web content, paper documents and letters which makes correspondence management quite challenging. Manually dealing with huge volumes of incoming and outgoing business correspondence can lead to higher processing time, increased managing and monitoring costs for organizations and inefficient service quality. Solutions such as correspondence management software provides your organization with efficient and cost-effective management plus seamless automation of all your incoming and outgoing correspondence from within a single platform.

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Tips for a Successful Company Intranet Software

Create a successful intranet

How to Make Your Company Intranet a Success?

Company intranet software is a collaboration and communication tool that has evolved over the years from what was initially a bundle of applications working together as a document management system along with tools to facilitate information sharing and electronic messaging. Today corporate intranets have taken over as an essential business tool that include more process-specific business applications and various management tools. The ever-increasing popularity of the office intranet and its globally recognized importance in organizations worldwide can be attributed to its ability to deliver bottom-line benefits across industries by increasing efficiency, raising productivity, cutting costs and increasing morale of the workforce.


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Popular Intranet Features for Effective Collaboration

Features of Intranet

What is Intranet?

The company intranet software is the most effective tool for organizations looking to influence how employees communicate, collaborate, and contribute to company culture while getting important work done. Not only does it allow employees to work remotely with minimal issue but acts as a  gateway of information and collaboration as well as a conduit for various business processes such as document management, correspondence management, internal communication etc.


Popular Intranet Features


As companies transform into digital businesses, intranets have evolved from simple information-centric sites to collaboration-centric workplaces. As such, the key to intranet success for any business is to maintain high adoption and usage by modernizing and upgrading your company intranet with the latest features. Whether you are planning to implement a new intranet solution or upgrading your old intranet, here are some important and popular intranet features to look for:

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What is an Intranet and How Does it Work?

IntranetWhat is an Intranet?

The intranet is a private, secure network that can only be accessed by the internal employees of an organization. The intranet serves as the single focal point from where employees can access both internal and external resources, and enables people to collaborate, communicate, share documents and receive business information.

How is Intranet Used in an Organization

1. Connecting People: Large organizations face challenges in connecting with staff working across a range of office locations or remotely. A company intranet portal helps colleagues to find, connect, and communicate with one another irrespective of what device they are using, where they are located, or what role they serve in the organization.


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Problems an Efficient Document Management System can Solve

Document Management

Why Document Management Matters?

A good document management system helps businesses to achieve efficiency in everyday information handling, streamline the overall workflow and productivity of the company, avoid security risks, and remain compliant with recordkeeping regulations. The modern workplace also benefits from the many advantages of having an electronic document management system such as customized workflow, version control, automatic backup,  data loss prevention, secure access through permission controls and mobile access. Keeping up with technological advancements over the years, many organizations are opting for a digital document management system in place to handle all their information resulting in a superior level of efficiency and productivity compared to businesses that still rely on paper files and folders.

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Top Document Management Pain Points for Enterprises

Document management

Document Management Challenges for Enterprises


A document management system is a solution that helps solve the problems of businesses relying heavily on paper processes by providing a safe, central repository for all their valuable information. However, there are a few often-overlooked challenges with maintaining a typical document management system. Many enterprises fail to approach document management in a methodical and organized manner since it poses so many challenges. Some of the major challenges are listed below.

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Best Document Management Software | How to choose the Right DMS?

Looking for the Best Document Management Software?


For a companybest document management software looking to maximize workflow and collaboration by centralizing all business information on a digital platform, implementing a document management software solution is the best step to take. It is also important that you find the right platform to manage your digital documents. You may often see references to document management software, document management systems, and document management solutions. Despite the different names that may appear confusing, they all perform the same tasks. Here we discuss how to find and implement a document management system that matches your organizational needs and delivers the best results:

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Benefits of Using a Document Management System

What is a Document Management System?

Benefits of using document management systemA document management system makes it quick and simple for your organisation to access critical information via a single point of access. As the number of documents continues to increase, a document management system unifies electronic and paper files, allowing your organisation to modernize, keep records secure and experience higher levels of efficiency. By electronically managing the creation, storage and controlling of documents, organisations can become better equipped to collaborate,  manage and distribute information.


Benefits of a Document Management Software:

If your business lacks an electronic document management to manage information, it is missing out on the following benefits:

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