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How mobile application development can improve sales?

<img src="app.gif" alt="App sales"The demand for mobile applications is on the rise ever since the smartphone was introduced in the market. Research indicates that custom applications tailored to employee roles will increase sales and productivity of a business.

A well-designed app with appealing features is sure to make users download the app. The mobile app developed for a business should be attractive and user-friendly. Retailers across the world are already making use of mobile apps to increase their sales. Continue reading

How to market your mobile app

<img src="mobileapp.gif" alt=" Mobileapp marketing ">The App stores are overflowing with apps of all kinds. To be precise, the App Store has over 1.4 million apps while Google Play has over 1 million apps.

As the global popularity of mobile devices is growing, the competition among mobile app developers is also increasing. Having a great app idea is only half the battle won as knowing to market your mobile app is also very important. One needs to make sure to not only focus on downloads, but also on conversion of downloads. Continue reading

Marketing iPhone apps

<img src="iPhone.gif" alt="Marketing Iphoneapps">The iPhone revolution is on and you may have created the next Angry Birds! However, apart from submitting your app in Apple’s App Store, you may be wondering what else is needed to successfully market your app.

If you wish to make money from your iPhone app then you must have a clear marketing plan from the very beginning. You need to prepare a marketing plan that will create customer loyalty. Continue reading

Native App vs. Mobile Web App

<img src="nativeapp.gif" alt="Native app Mobapp">How you develop your app is normally decided at the start of the mobile application development process. In the end, it simply boils down to whether you should develop a native app or mobile web app.

Native apps are apps created for a specific platform. The code used to create a native app for iOS is not same as the code used to create a native Android app. Native apps take advantage of the phone’s capabilities. They are fast, smooth and integrated with the mobile device. You can download native apps from the App Store or Google Play. Continue reading

Why DIY Mobile apps are not appropriate for your business ?

<img src="DIY.gif" alt="DIY mobapp">There are two ways to build a mobile app – The Do-It-Yourself (DIY) approach and the Outsourcing approach.

There is a wide range of DIY tools available on the web & they reduce the entry barrier to acquire mobile apps by a business. There are numerous free websites that claim to allow businesses to build their own app at low costs or even free & none of them require knowledge of programming. These tools allow non-developers the ability to create their own mobile apps successfully. Continue reading

Why should you contract a mobile application developer ?

<img src="mobile.gif" alt="Moblie apps">If you want to develop a custom app for your business, but do not have access to in-house skills, there is no cause for worry. There is no dearth of contract developers or off-shore companies to whom you can outsource mobile app development. However, you need to be very clear from the very beginning whether you are going to develop the app in-house or contract it to an external specialized company, even though, choosing the right one can be a difficult task. Continue reading

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