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Benefits of SharePoint Intranet for Your Organization

SharePoint intranet has truly revolutionized the way companies use intranet and extract value from it. Deploying a SharePoint intranet makes it easier for employees to work together as a team while encouraging employee engagement.


What is Intranet?


Benefits of SharePoint Intranet for Your OrganizationThe intranet can be considered as an epicenter of an organization – the place where employees can search for people and content, receive business information and company news with a personalized experience on the desktop to a mobile phone. An intranet can boost productivity through effective team collaboration and information sharing for any organization. Typically, intranet allows a business to store its database that employees can access. It also lets employees share calendars, files and documents with each other as well as vendors and business partners. It includes helpful features such as: CMS, search, employee directory, news, team collaboration spaces, personalization, wikis, news and blogs.

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How to use a SharePoint Team Site for Collaboration

SharePoint team Site for collaborationMicrosoft SharePoint is a collaborative platform that makes it easier for people to work together, discover, organize and share information, manage document repositories, and helps people make better decisions. If you are trying to set up a Team Site for collaboration, make sure you have a clear plan set in place. Because if your organization does not benefit from huge effective collaboration, then SharePoint may not be the right choice.  Here we list out some important features that are integral in using Microsoft SharePoint for collaboration. Continue reading

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