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Monthly Archives: November 2014

Neologix Participates in GITEX Technology Week 2014

Neologix Software solutions is proud to be selected as the technology partner by Sharjah E-Government in developing mobility services for Sharjah Government, earlier this year.

As a part of this partnership, Neologix was invited by the Sharjah E-Government for attending the GITEX Technology Week where its consultants took part alongside the Government to explain and support the technology services to the citizens of Sharjah. The core team of Neologix Software Solutions that participated in this event comprised of Shan M Hanif -Co-Founder ,Giash Haneef -Head of Business Development, UAE Region, Hussain M -Project Manager and Aravind Prabhakar -Senior Business Analyst.

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Got an idea but wondering when & how to start ?

<img src="bestapp.gif" alt=" Best mobile app">Is having the best mobile app idea enough to help a business? The answer is no! Anyone can have a mobile app idea. What is important is to figure out exactly what to do with it and how to take it forward.

In order to build a mobile apps, you must have a clear monetization strategy. Then, clearly pen down your app idea. Create a detailed, screen-by-screen wireframe of your app. This is to ensure you do not miss out on a single element while building your mobile app. The next step is important if you do not know anything about programming. In that case, you need to hire an app developer. Continue reading

From Idea to App store

<img src="app.gif" alt=" App store">With the unprecedented boom in the mobile app industry, it has become imperative for all businesses to be present in that space. If you have an idea and know what it takes to develop it, now is the time to take the step and take the advantage.

Neologix can help you develop your app. Right from coming up with an idea to developing it and getting it to the customer, we do it all. Continue reading

Developing Cross Platform Apps for iOS, Android & Windows

<img src="cross.gif" alt=" Cross platform app">Today, the mobile phone is an inevitable tool for businesses and not just a mere device for making phone calls. The smartphone industry has taken over and changed the face of marketing forever.

Businesses, now, understand the relevance of developing mobile apps. And the demand to get mobile apps developed for multiple platforms is increasing evermore. This is because businesses want to expand their business among users of all platforms. The most popular platforms for mobile app development include Android, Windows as well as iOS. Continue reading

Building a custom Mobile App? Things to keep in mind.

<img src="custom.gif" alt=" Custom mob app">Developing an app takes a lot of creativity, planning and time.

With the increase in smartphone users around the world, it is important to consider why to build custom apps. Creating a custom app for your business is beneficial as it offers an additional outlet for customers to connect with you. Custom mobile applications development allows you to have apps developed specifically for your needs. Continue reading

Building Native iOS apps

<img src="iOS.gif" alt=" iOS app">The immense popularity of iPhone and iPad devices have changed the face of the mobile industry. These devices are being openly embraced by both consumers and businesses. There is a growing need of small and large businesses to develop iOS apps for their benefit.

Native iOS apps are built using development tools like Xcode and Objective-C. Most of the apps are written in Objective-C programming language and developers mostly use, Xcode to develop the apps. Continue reading

12 Things to ask before hiring a Mobile Application Development company

<img src="mobileapp.gif" alt="Mobile app development company">With Mobile apps becoming a must-have tool for businesses, it is imperative for business houses to know why and how to build one. Therefore, businesses must hire a competent mobile development company to design and build their app.

While the reasons for businesses to want to switch over to mobile application development are clear, extreme care should be taken while choosing the right partner to do the job. It is important for businesses to ask the right questions before hiring a mobile developer. Continue reading

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